When Our Tea Flag is Flying, it Means You are Welcome!

Our Tea Flag, flying from our house.

Truth is . . . outside the progression of story from one to the next. That doesn’t mean it is far away; it means it is close, closer than close. The sky starts where the ground ends; we need only look with different eyes to realize we are already there. Utopia is a collective shift of perception away. Abundance is all around us. Only our efforts at tower-building blind us to it, our gaze forever skyward, forever seeking to escape this Earth, this feeling, this moment.

~ Charles Eisenstein, in The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

Whoopee! Our Tea Flag is now ready to fly! And we’ll get back to that fact at the end of this post. Let’s start with an introduction, seeking to illustrate the context in which the Tea Flag project has come to be.

In simple terms, we could say that that context equals the content of our website, which is all about the ongoing transition of the fundamental stories we live in & by. It is about the transition from one story to the other. It is about the transition of Maya’s and my family; and of the family of humanity.

At the heart of this transition, is… the heart. Our own hearts are the alpha & omega of it, as well as the means. That’s why Charles Eisenstein named his book (with my emphasis added) The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.

So what is it then that our hearts know while our minds doubt it? In one word, we would say it is truth.

Our hearts do know that it is true that a more beautiful world is possible. Our hearts know that the more beautiful world is a world expressing the truth of who we really are; what nature really is; what life & death really is; what it all really is… Our hearts also know, in the words of Charles Eisenstein, that: “[W]e are already there. Utopia is a collective shift of perception away. Abundance is all around us. Only our efforts at tower-building blind us to it, our gaze forever skyward, forever seeking to escape this Earth, this feeling, this moment.”

Our minds, on the other hand, usually hurry to label such knowing rising from the heart – in all the diverse forms it emerges – as naive, idealistic, or “too good to be true”. Unless it’s simply dismissed as “not true”.

Why? Why such hurry to judge, disbelieve, and be cynical? It’s not because our minds know better than our hearts. It’s only because our minds are steeped in the old, scarcity-based story of Separation, by which humanity has (increasingly) been living since very, very long ago; a story in which the truths of abundance and Interbeing, so evident to the heart, have fallen into oblivion.

It will certainly take quite something for all of us to transition out of that story, into the new. But as it becomes more & more evident to more & more people that the foundational truths our current civilisation rests upon are rottening from within, perhaps we’re building up to that “quite something”, on a planetary scale… In any case, that’s for sure what’s needed.

What is that “quite something”; how does it look like? It’s not the “fight against climate change”; it’s not environmentalism in any of it’s traditional guises. And it’s not the fight against anything, at all. That’s all of the same logics of Separation that has brought us the messed up world we live in. As Paul Kingsnorth notes, the environmentalism of today can be summed up by an absurd equation: “Destruction – Carbon = Sustainability” That kind of equation is not going to do it for us!

What is that “quite something”? It’s got to be something fundamentally new – rooted in you and me starting to do things differently. Now. We can start in any way we feel called to. Such as, for instance, the way Mark is doing it; or perhaps by flying a Tea Flag from our houses…

It is not that the new story we’re transitioning into will be telling the truth. No story can. (And this is in itself an essential realization.) But if we don’t start to nourish the “beyond-all-stories truth” accessible through our hearts, and start to trust it & seek to live by it… then we won’t (ever) be able to generate the motivation & power needed to transition out of the age-old story of Separation that’s holding humanity transfixed and making the polar bears ice-less. And one thing is sure, it’s not “they” who are going to do it. It’s us; common people such as you and me.

Thus, for all of us who already feel the “r-LOVE-ution” stirring with undeniable vitality in our hearts, this is not a time to just sit back & wait – till the system crashes. This is a time to start building the new, based on what our hearts know.

Here is Charles Eisenstein in The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible:

[W]hile the new story speaks of a place beyond and between stories, it does not bring us to that place. It is a place we need to touch back upon more often than we have, in order to anchor our stories in truth. As long as we are human, we will always create and enact stories. We will form agreements about what things mean, we will mediate those agreements with symbols, and we will embed them in narratives. That is how we coordinate human activity toward a common vision. . . . Where, then, do we find the truth? We find it in the body, in the woods, in the water, in the soil. We find it in music, dance, and sometimes in poetry. We find it in a baby’s face, and in the adult’s face behind the mask. We find it in each other’s eyes, when we look. We find it in an embrace, which is, when we feel into it, being to being, an incredibly intimate act. We find it in laughter and sobs, and we find it in the voice behind the spoken word.

In other words, it is in the heart we find the truth needed to power & effectuate the transition – whether we get in touch with the heart through being in nature, through music & dance, through embracing one another, or in some other way. It is from the heart we need to be moving… as “sacred activists”, or simply as you and me. And the heart is indeed also what’s at the centre of the Tea Flag – a flag signalling a new kind of invitation: of foreigners into our houses.


Maya and I feel deeply satisfied, humble & happy to hereby announce that our Tea Flag is now ready to fly. It is our invitation for any passer-by to knock our door and come in to connect, chat & share a good cup of tea. Just as our website is our invitation to any one of you to connect & share your story about whatever is on your heart regarding the ongoing transition into the new story with its gift-centred culture & economy.

Below is a little video of our flag flying. To learn more about the Tea Flag project, to get to know a bit more about our particular flag, and maybe… to be inspired to create your own – go here!

With love,

Maya and Shanto

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