The Tea Flag

The most direct way to disrupt the Story of Separation at its foundation is to give someone an experience of nonseparation. An act of generosity, forgiveness, attention, truth, or unconditional acceptance offers a counterexample to the worldview of separation, violating such tenets as “Everyone is out for themselves,” and affirming the innate desire to give, create, love, and play. Such acts are invitations only – they cannot compel someone to soften separation-based belief systems. Generosity can always be interpreted as “He’s trying to get something from me.” Forgiveness can be seen as manipulation (as so often fake forgiveness is). Truth can be ignored. But at least the invitation is there.

~ Charles Eisenstein, in The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

[UPDATES: This page functions as a current-state documentation. We won’t likely be changing the original text much, but will instead post any relevant updates here, at the top of the page.]
Our Tea Flag. Click it to go to a blogpost where it is introduced, including a video of it flying.
The info pole at our house. Click the photo to go to a blogpost featuring a video of our Tea Flag flying.

[UPDATE 14 May 2017: Our Tea Flag is finally ready to fly! And, in fact, there are now two houses in our street with tea flags, as we’ve given away a flag to our neighbour SuurMaj Zonneveld. As more flags get ready to fly, around the world, we’d like to create a flag gallery. As for now, there is this blogpost featuring our flag. In addition, we hereby update this page with a photo of our flag, plus one of the info pole we’ve put in front of our house. The pole offers information on the Tea Flag, as well Maya’s and Shanto’s businesses. And a bird-box(!) Of course, we’ll get back to you, through our blog, with stories about any surprise visitors our Tea Flag may attract… 🙂]


The Tea Flag project, is a beautiful project, fully in the spirit of the GIFT, mothered by Maya Cox and Angela Stangl. Its invitation comes from the heart; its gift is… an OPEN DOOR.

It was Angela who gave birth to the original idea, inspired by my standing invitation for “a cup of tea and a talk about your life”. That invitation is made on behalf of my work as an existential guide. But Angela took it out of any work-related context, into life at large. It resonated with her in such a way that it brought up a memory of being lost in a Morrocan medina (medieval area of a city with very narrow streets) one late evening. That night, she thought, it would have been SO good to find a friend… To spot a sign of hospitality on one of the houses. Like a friendly flag attached to a doorpost, or hanging out from a window. A flag signaling an invitation to come in, and be welcomed, and listened to. By someone who would love to offer a cup of tea, a chat, and directions back to where she needed to go. THAT would have been SO good that night, so many years ago…

Oh yes, Angela felt, there should be such a movement in the world! There should be a “tea flag”, with a logotype or symbol easily recognizeable by everyone. Then people could hang out their flag whenever appropriate, and take it down in periods when they wouldn’t be able to welcome surprise visitors. Then there could be a map available online where you would localize people living in a “tea flagged” home, near your current location, as well as – why not – a Tea Flag App…

Oh yes, Maya felt, and gave all her warmest encouragement to Angela as they kept talking about the idea that February day in 2017, via a Skype connection between Maya in the Netherlands and Angela in Germany. Oh yes, they decided, let’s do it: let’s make ours the two first houses in the world with a tea flag!

And now, here we are – today, in February 2017. We have not yet hanged out our flags, but we have decided what the official TEA FLAG will look like. It will be a quadratic white flag with a red heart in the middle. As simple as that. In that way, the idea will need no protection. No copyrights or trademarks will be needed. For whoever wants to steal the idea, is very welcome! This world can surely live with more red hearts being flagged from houses worldwide…

We will, of course, keep updating you of the unfoldment of this project. As soon as we have made the flags, and our house and Angela’s are tea flagged, we will, naturally, post about it in the GOD blog. And – hopefully needless to say – YOU are very welcome to support us in developing the project. Perhaps you are a flag maker, an app maker, or simply someone who feels genuinely thrilled and inspired by this idea… Then, just get in touch.

Or, for that matter, welcome to be the first; welcome to hang your tea flag out TODAY! Just don’t forget to take a picture of it and write a story about the meeting with your first surprise visitors, for the GOD blog. Our thinking is that just by hanging such a flag from one’s house, people will start asking what it represents; and so, the idea will come to spread naturally, from heart to heart