Our Letter of Introduction to Charles Eisenstein – Open for You to Read

This is a copy of the letter we just sent to Charles Eisenstein, our great inspirer and guide:

“Dear Charles,

I’m a lover of your work, which I discovered less than a year ago. If I’d only had the money to purchase them, some of the best moments of my days would no doubt be the quiet hours (or half-hours…) when I’d sit down to read your books printed on paper. Currently, however, my wife Maya and I, in our transition to work only with that which flows naturally from our hearts, struggle even to pay the groceries and the end-of-the-month bills. Thus, even though my eyes (which happen to be the same age as yours) don’t like it that much, I’m really grateful I can read all your books for free online. Thank you for making your amazing work available in that way!

In the next breath, I must admit, however, to not having read any of your books in full – yet. I have read most of Sacred Economics, but so far only here and there in the rest of your books and other writings. Yet, the sense of resonating deeply with your core observations and ideas easily fleshes out into a feeling of knowing, and standing by, your work almost as if it were my own. (Only a hundred times more learned and elaborated in detail than mine could ever be.) Having ingested quite some of your online video appearances, definitely helps in corroborating and deepening that feeling.

The reason I’m contacting you now is that, together with my wife Maya, I recently launched a website dedicated to stimulating and nourishing gift culture/economy initiatives worldwide. At its heart, our site is a community-building initiative. The (current) vision is that it may grow and metamorphose into a social media platform for people who resonate with the vision of a fundamentally different, gift-centred economy on Earth, and are (just like Maya and I) taking practical steps towards that in their own lives. Most of the envisioned functions of such a platform are indeed, to some degree, already in place on our site.

I feel that the site reflects the heart of your work, even though it is, of course, possible that you will find your views misrepresented in places. In any case, its primary purpose is not specifically to disseminate your work. Although the site would hardly have come about without my deep resonance with your vision, it also comprises the story of my family and myself, as well as, naturally, my personal views and ideas. What we envision is to keep drawing inspiration and guidance from your work in a maturing exploration of practical, day-to-day ways of living and working in the Gift. We envision an online-based community that keeps growing organically, including the cross-fertilization with all kinds of local/regional real-life initiatives in the spirit of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. Our vision, thus, implies that local will fertilize global, and global will fertilize local – a must, as far as I can see, for any story that is looking to grow legs and arms in the world of today.

I won’t describe the site more than that. Instead, I’d like to wholeheartedly invite you for a visit. Initially, I was thinking that I’d wait with introducing it to you until it had gained some momentum. But walking the dog the other night, I suddenly felt the urge to contact you already, at a stage when I myself am yet to establish a more stable understanding of what kind of being our new website is…

I guess it won’t come as a surprise to you that my introducing you to our site is part and parcel of my hopes of getting your help in spreading the word about it. My hope is that you will take the time to read through it and check with your heart if it resonates and makes sense. Then, if you feel it does, and you would indeed like to help meeting our need of reaching out to a wider audience, I trust that you will know much better than I how that could best happen. I can’t help noticing that you have 60,000+ followers on Facebook. If you could, in one way or the other, act as a bridge between our site and all the people who feel warmly about your work, it would mean the world to my family and me – in terms of our livelihood as much as our inspiration and joy.

So, I say welcome, dear Charles, to ibelieveingod.org! And don’t jump to conclusions at the first sight of the domain name. 😉

Maya and I are greatly looking forward to hearing back from you.

With love,


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