On a local level as well as mediated through global networks, new nonquantified “currencies” of recognition and gratitude will emerge that connect and reward qualitative contributions to society and the planet. . . . So badly have we damaged planet and spirit that it will require a full outpouring of all our gifts to heal it. The outpouring of gifts comes from gratitude. Therefore, the best investment you can make with your money is to generate gratitude. It doesn’t matter if the gratitude recognizes you as the giver. Ultimately, the proper object of gratitude is the Giver of all our own gifts, of our world, of our lives.

~ Charles Eisenstein, in Sacred Economics

We believe that in gratitude the impossible becomes possible…
Through the nexus of this website, we envision to build a COMMUNITY held together by GRATITUDE. We imagine each and every one of us as bearers of the HEART of gift culture. We imagine that around each one of us little local movements of Living-in-the-Gift may come to emerge (and are indeed already emerging). Little local, healthily growing seedlings of gift culture. Little “tribes” where the new story of REUNION is increasingly being embodied and lived. Little “islands of the future in an ocean of the past”, as one visionary put it. And we envision that these “islands” will all be interconnected through the nexus of this website, so that we may all be of mutual support and inspiration to one another.
We regard the following list of people (including the presentations, contact info, and websites they have chosen to share) as the very HEART of “I Believe in GOD – An Acronym for Giving is Our Destiny”. We feel the pulse of this heart beating stronger and stronger by the day. We are being moved by it, step by step. Our gratitude to everyone in the list is non-quantifiable. Everyone has one thing in common: they have taken an active step, of one kind or the other, to be part of our growing GIFT COMMUNITY. Everyone is a GIVER of gifts towards the vision for our site, and beyond. This includes gifts in the form of stories for the GOD blog, gifts in the form of money, and other gifts, including the ones we can’t even imagine yet.


Amanda Verdery Young

Amanda has been giving invaluable feedback on the content of this website. She is committed to “elevating the story of our world”, and to this purpose she runs Bombilore, inviting us to “bee the change“.

Angela Stangl

Angela is, together with Maya, the mother of the beautiful Tea Flag project. She is in the process of deciding what she wants to share on this page, if anything. In any case, she is grateful for being acknowledged as the originator of the Tea Flag project; and would love to see it flourish. A picture of her flag will be coming as soon as it’s up.

Charles Eisenstein

On the 15th of March 2017, we wrote Charles this letter. We didn’t receive any response. One day, however, we may be ready to write a second letter, reflecting a more matured website & a clearer idea of where we’re going with it. This will undoubtedly be a letter with more concrete content to respond to. Meanwhile, we just want to say: thank you, Charles, for the great visionary work you are offering the world. Our website would have existed without it.

Delphine Stein

Together with Delphine, we’re envisioning to transform our back yard into a permaculture garden. Delphine is a self-taught permaculturist with a passion for a fair world and healthy planet. She runs Permatuin, a permaculture business based in Leiden, the Netherlands. To take part of the story of how our garden grows, as told in photos, welcome here.

Lisa Schonewille

Lisa is Shanto’s collaborator in the mysteriously unfolding Project X. Website link to you, Lisa?

Mara Baudena

Mara kindly gifted us the recipe for the green omelette featured in the 4-August-2017-post in our permaculture gallery. She is a native of Piemonte, a region in northwestern Italy where borage is a traditional ingredient in the cuisine.

Marie-Paule Thijssen

Marie-Paule, as mentioned in this post, is one of our Tea Flag pioneers… More info coming soon.

Maya Cox

Maya is one of the two initiators of this site.

Miss M

We call her “Miss M”. M for Miracle, and for the month of May. The Miracle is that in May 2017 Miss M gave us € 500. Just because of her friendship with Maya, and knowing that we were in bad need of money. She didn’t give it through our crowdfunding campaign, she just… gave it. We are of course full of gratitude and would have been happy to reveal Miss M’s real name, and a link to her work. She doesn’t want that, however. She says she just wants us to feel the gratitude.

Sanan David Reid

Sanan is giving his life to the protection, restoration, and cultivation of the cultural, social, and natural commons among the indigenous mountain communities in the Sacred Valley of Peru. A presentation of his amazing work, including a plead for the funding of it, can be found in this post in the GOD blog. Read the comments to that post, and you will get to listen to Sanan firsthand. Welcome also to follow this link to be put directly in touch with his sacred work, which is organized through Amistad Sagrada. We look greatly forward to be following its unfoldment in more posts for our site.

Shanto Odmark

Shanto is one of the two initiators of this site.

SuurMaj Zonneveld

SuurMaj lives in our street, a few houses away. We gave away a Tea Flag to him. He was happy and said he would be using it. A picture of his flag flying from his house will hopefully be coming in our flag-gallery-to-be.

Vincent van Amstel

In Vincent, we have found another permaculture counselor, alongside Delphine. We’re very grateful to have him and his knowledge available, just around the corner from where we live. Website link to you, Vincent?