Gifts & Needs

To fully receive is to willingly put yourself in a position of obligation, either to the giver or to society at large. Gratitude and obligation go hand in hand; they are two sides of the same coin. Obligation is obligation to do what? It is to give without “compensation.” Gratitude is what? It is the desire to give, again without compensation, borne of the realization of having received. In the age of the separate self, we have split the two, but originally they are one: obligation is a desire that comes from within and is only secondarily enforced from without. Clearly then, reluctance to receive is actually reluctance to give. . . . When we realize that life itself is a gift, and that we are here to give ourselves, then we are free. After all, what you have taken in this life dies with you. Only your gifts live on.

~ Charles Eisenstein, in Sacred Economics

  1. Our Gifts
  2. Our Needs
  3. Our Crowdfunding Campaign
[UPDATES: This page functions as a current-state documentation. We won’t likely be changing the original text much, but will instead post any relevant updates here, at the top of the page.]

1. Our Gifts

Maya and I give of what we are, and of what we have. For the sheer joy of it. That’s natural. For all of us. Isn’t it? It’s human nature, isn’t it? We enjoy giving. Deep down, we seem to inherently know that more for you is more for me.

Sure, Maya and I are still oftentimes shying away from giving freely of ourselves. But the more we give, the less that happens. Our transition is all about recovering our natural gifts, and our natural ways of being. It is all about re-membering who we truly are, so that we increasingly come to embody the new story emerging here on Earth.

The way we see it, the transition we are in includes everybody on Earth. For, as the old story, underlying the old economic system, falls apart, EVERYone will be – and already is – affected. People all over the planet are waking up to what is happening, and starting to act based on what they see. Others keep closing their eyes to the fact that the story underlying our crumbling economic system – that a finite planet can accomodate infinite growth – is false; and therefore doomed. But even they are already being affected, by the great transition of our times. Simply because the true story (to the extent a story can embody truth) is: we are all INTERconnected; we all interARE.

As the mass hypnosis that keeps people enslaved to money (along with the scarcity-based consciousness surrounding it) wanes off, we awaken to a world where we start to SEE each other, for real. As money (in its current form) loses its power to feed and clothe us, the only capital left will be our GRATITUDE – for being alive, together. On this abundantly rich planet. This capital will be forming the building blocks of our ways of relating & our new communities, which will all be in alignment with Earth’s natural ways of functioning. It is this capital we have started to accumulate on our gratitude page.

THIS WEBSITE is one of Maya’s and my ways of giving. If you want to know what that boils down to more concretely, you will find some answers on our work and vision page, and in other places of this website. You are also warmly welcome to contact us directly. Only as the specific receiver appears, a specific gift can be given. This website is a place for givers and receivers to meet, in gratitude. You are always welcome to tell us what you need, and we will be happy to look for a way of giving it.

2. Our Needs

We need YOU! We need contributions to the GOD blog. We need constructive feedback & creative ideas. We need contributions of whatever kind you want to give. And, presently, in order to cover our ordinary cost of living, we need money. Any surplus from the crowdfunding campaign presented below (on top of what we need to cover the current hole in our household budget), will go towards the realization of our vision. Thereby, it will benefit everyone in the growing circle of givers featured on our gratitude page.

The gratitude page is central and precious to us; it is our HEART. We envision a growing circle of givers, and we want us all to get to know each other. If not by meeting in person, then at least, for starters, through the personal presentations on the gratitude page. We need YOU on that page; in our HEART! 😉 There are two main ways to end up there: (1) Send us your contribution to the GOD blog. We welcome any content that relates to the topics our website revolves around. But we would especially love to hear stories based on your personal experience of living and working in the Gift, or about places you have visited where some form of gift economy is/was in place. (2) Give a gift, in the form of money, through our campaign here below. Not only Maya and I, but also our two-year-old daughter, would be deeply grateful for that.

To summarize, we need YOU in order to build the COMMUNITY of GIVERS that is the raison d’être, as well as the vision of this site. But we only need you if you believe in GOD. Do you?

3. Our Crowdfunding Campaign

It is a fact that in these times of transition, our family has problems making ends meet. We humbly ask for your support. If you feel inspired by this website, including the vision for it, AND have a little bit of money that you presently don’t need, then please click the campaign ad below to read more.

If you, after having read the campaign description, donate € 1 or more, your name and e-mail will be included in the list of GIVERS on our gratitude page, along with a brief presentation of yourself. In that presentation, if you so wish, we will also include any website(s) (yours or others’) you feel resonate with “I Believe in GOD – An Acronym for Giving is Our Destiny”. All for the benefit of ALL of us.

Just one word of caution: Check with yourself if you feel JOYFUL about giving us the money we need. If you do, then by all means go ahead! If you don’t, then please give your money to another cause; a cause you feel joyful about giving to. Thank you.