Do You Believe in GOD?

When I use the word spiritual, I am not contradistinguishing it from the material. I have little patience with any philosophy or religion that seeks to transcend the material realm. Indeed, the separation of the spiritual from the material is instrumental in our heinous treatment of the material world. Sacred economics treats the world as more sacred, not less. It is more materialistic than our current culture materialistic in the sense of deeply and attentively loving our world. So when I speak of meeting our spiritual needs, it is not to keep cranking out the cheap, generic, planet-killing stuff while we meditate, pray, and prattle on about angels, spirit, and God. It is to treat relationship, circulation, and material life itself as sacred. Because they are.

~ Charles Eisenstein, in Sacred Economics

The word god (especially when written with a capital G), is arguably the most emotionally charged word of all. In playfully spelling it out as “Giving is Our Destiny”, we hope to discharge it. We hope to do that, however, without diminishing any of the true sacredness it does point to, which is the sacredness of EVERYthing.

But, above all, in playing with the word, we hope to give GOD a non-religious and PRACTICAL meaning (if so only for the purpose of this website).

Here, then, is what we would like to playfully in wording, but sincerely in spirit ask you…

1) Do you believe in GOD (an acronym for Giving is Our Destiny), as expressed by the overall message and vision of this website?

  • yes → Go to question 3.
  • no → Welcome, if you want, to read Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein (available for free here), and then go to question 2.

2) Do you now, after having read Sacred Economics, believe in GOD (an acronym for Giving is Our Destiny), as expressed by the overall message and vision of this website?

  • yes → Go to question 3.
  • no → Please give your time to something you believe in & care deeply about.

3) What would you like to GIVE to us, and thereby invest in your belief in GOD?

  • attention → You are more than welcome to spread the word about our site to anyone you feel should know about it!
  • a story for the GOD blog → You are warmly welcome to send it to shanto(at)shanto(dot)org!
  • money → You are very welcome here, or here!
  • other → You are certainly welcome; just give it!
  • nothing → You are most welcome, thank you for just being here; this, in itself, is a gift!
  • “I don’t want to give anything specifically to you. But your website does stir that age-old longing in me to give of my true gifts. Browsing your site has already given me ideas of what I want to give to people in my life. So thank you, I feel I’m starting to resonate now with the vision of a gift society on Earth.” → Wow, thank YOU, for taking in what we are saying. What you are pointing to lies at the very heart of all gift economies: a gift received doesn’t require the receiver to immediately (or at all) give a return gift to the particular giver of the gift they just received. What is essential is merely the gratitude invoked by any one gift; for it inspires us to remember that LIFE itself is a gift. And in that remembrance, our innate desire to give something back to life (which could be in the form of a gift to any/everyone alive) wakes up within us. Nonetheless, as you are right now in touch with this desire inside of you, perhaps you would like to share about your experience through the GOD blog!? In that case, you are very welcome to send your gift, in the form of a story, to shanto(at)shanto(dot)org!

Do you see now that merely by answering “yes” to question 1 or 2 above, you are already GIVING, in one way or the other? Merely through believing in GOD (an acronym for Giving is Our Destiny), as expressed by the overall message and vision of this website, you are someone who gives; someone who lives in the Gift. Your belief in GOD, is a gift. There is no way of escaping this fact… 🙂

Furthermore, what follows from the above is the realization that…

…your belief in GOD (an acronym for Giving is Our Destiny), IS your belief in US (everyone on the gratitude page)

Do you want to be one of US? Then just send us your token of belief; your bundle of gratitude. It can be in the form of a few words from your heart, to be posted in the GOD blog, thereby shared with everyone in the ever-growing community of US, and beyond. Or it can be in the form of some much-needed money, as a gift to one of the projects featured on the Money-for-the-Good page, and/or to help cover the current hole in Maya’s and mine household budget (so that we can keep devoting our time to the growth of the movement represented by this website). It can be in the form of whatever you have in abundance…



And don’t forget to tell us what we can give you. Our vision is to increase the FLOW of gifts in between all of US.