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So that we – through this website and in other ways – may support others in doing the same!
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Hello dear visitor,

We are a family in transition. Whatever we do from our hearts, is what we call our work – whether we are paid for it in money or not. But a big part of our lives still remains tied to the money economy of what Charles Eisenstein calls the “Age of Separation”. In brief: we don’t always have enough money to pay our bills and feed our family of four humans, one dog, and two cats.

If you feel touched by our devotion to living & working purely from our hearts, including the offering of this website; if you feel our devotion as your devotion… Then you are welcome to support us! It will help us not having to take a loan. It will allow us to relax more fully into the creativity of our transition, and support us greatly in supporting others. All you give will be invested in our HEARTS, and whatever moves from there. Your gift will make this website grow stronger. Your gift will add to the capital of the gift economy emerging on Earth. A capital which is not money, but GRATITUDE.

Knowing that you may be taking these words to your heart in this moment, we feel sweet joy… Thank YOU, whoever and wherever you are. We are in the same boat, all of us. Let us travel together into what Charles Eisenstein calls the “Age of Reunion”, where the new gift culture is sprouting and people are freeing themselves to do what they LOVE to do; and call it their work. Let us all start giving of what we are, and what we have – now.

From our hearts to yours,

Maya & Shanto

PS This campaign (launched on February 21, 2017) is set to end on December 31, 2017. We have set a goal that we feel should cover the hole in our household budget, plus afford us a summer holiday in Shanto’s native Sweden. Any surplus money will be invested in nourishing & expanding our ways of giving, and our circle of givers, in keeping with the vision for our site.

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